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{ "OpConfigFile": "//path/to/GameServer.conf", "OpLoadClassesFile": "//path/to/OpGameServer.lua", "OpSingleInstructionExecutionMode": "constant_instr_debug" } Before building you need to copy [GameServer.conf] and [OpGameServer.lua] to the "../release/GameServer/..." directory. After the build the player can press Escape key to see if it is working. Make sure to test with the latest revision of your game server Original answer: I've never had the need to debug mine, but it seems that in the OpGameServer.lua try: OpDebug(string.format('%s:Start()', type(self))) in function Start() Just remove the line and the OP Debug log should appear. Make sure you have set the window caption and colors to green. [Metacercariae of Spirometra erinacei in the aquatic snail, Oncomelania hupensis]. To study the metacercariae of Spirometra erinacei in the aquatic snail, Oncomelania hupensis. The metacercariae in the aquatic snails were extracted by artificial digestion and their identification was conducted by morphology. A total of 11,211 O. hupensis were collected and dissected and 7,068 metacercariae were found, of which 97.2% (6,964) were S. erinacei metacercariae. The snail intermediate hosts of S. erinacei in the Yangtze River area are O. hupensis, and the newly-occurring people infection risk is very high.Simple Conveyor Storage Systems Delivery Producer & Fulfilment Warehouse Because of its unique and indispensable position in the logistics of the goods movement, a producer is involved in the entire supply chain. It is required to deliver goods, because it generates more costs for the customers than the customers pay. With the experience of many years in the distribution of goods, we know what the demands of the industry are and are well equipped to supply that. In this process, the producer keeps storing goods. To prevent the goods from becoming a hindrance in the logistics chain, we




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